The 1997’s was the beginning of our passion for wild mushrooms and our activity: selection, processing and packaging of dried wild Porcini mushrooms 100% natural, without additives and preservatives.

These are the principles of FOREST FOOD,
motivations which encourage us to pursue a continuous improvement:


Choose only high quality mushrooms coming from the European countries that respect the EU heath regulations.


Use genuine natural raw materials as wild mushrooms are in nature and preserve the integrity of the organoleptic properties to the final consumer. We consider very important to choose mushrooms with intense aroma.

Our qualifications

Professional competence acquired in mycology, the science that studies the fascinating world of mushrooms. Since 1998 Virna Tecchio, our holder, is recognized and qualified as an expert mycologist.


Use the safety and health of food products: by the use of self-monitoring system based on the H.A.C.C.P. method (critical control point analysis) we exert careful control of all activities. To keep an high quality level, Forest Food is IFS FOOD and ORGANIC certified.

Products for the food industry

We are specialized in the production of DRIED porcini GRANULES and FROZEN porcini CUBES for the food industry. This specialization is the result of over ten years of experience, the renewal of the production cycle, the inclusion of new machines and production methods. We supply prestigious food industries with the raw material of wild porcini mushrooms.

Retail and catering products

We produce different lines of packages suited to different markets: retail, catering and gourmet delights shops.